bind-8.2.2.P5, solaris2.6 and solaris2.5.1

bind-8.2.2.P5, solaris2.6 and solaris2.5.1

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I have bind-8.2.2.P5 running on a solaris2.6 server as master and I have
set up bind-8.2.2.P5 on a solaris2.5.1 to run as slave, however the slave
server is not able to do any zone transfer.

Here's a sample of log file when the slave server is started

Jun 27 10:24:05 server named[23431]: starting.  named 8.2.2-P5 Tue Jun 20
13:01:32 EDT 2000
Jun 27 10:24:05 server  

Jun 27 10:24:05 server named[23431]: limit files set to fdlimit (1024)
Jun 27 10:24:05 server named[23437]: Ready to answer queries.

here's a part of my named.conf file

zone "" {
        type slave;
        file "slave/zone-phys";
        masters {; };


i should also mention that i have netconfig in my chroot jail. this was
needed as named was dumping core every time it was started.
my question is : can a solaris 2.5.1 run a slave name server chroot'ed
under these conditions.

Sonam Wangchuk


1. bind-8.2.2.P5, solaris2.6


I am new

My DNS primary server is answer DNS queries for my domain, and
it does a zone transfer to SECONDARY DNS servers reside in ISP. I
am upgrading BIND to 8.2.2P5, The questions I have are;

1. Is it neccessary to have Named-xfer's library files installed in my
primary DNS to enable zone transfer to secondary servers reside in my ISP?
DNS Primary server.

2. After started DNS server a file as shown in the directory
"#/usr/local/bin/named/etc/ndc" what is it for ?
srw-------   1 root     root           0 Jun 28 16:46 ndc

3. "/usr/local/named/sbin/ndc" binary file is created after compiled
bind-8.2.2-p5. In the previous version I start DNS server by running shell
#./ndc -t /var/dns -u dnsuser -g dnsuser
what is the equivalent switches if I have to run "ndc" binary file?

As always thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards,
Tom Ho

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