microsoft net passport

microsoft net passport

Post by The info gu » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 20:21:04

YOu could take a look at and see what
your age is. Does it read under 13. are you useing msn8 at
some time were parental controls set up.

You may need to contact MSN to have a kids passport flag
removed from your passport account. is it a hotmail

Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Hi I tried to get into a chat room via windows messenger
>and the net passport but it said that mine was set as
>under 13 and i was not allowed to do I change
>this age limit...anyone??  


1. Passport vs Net Passport

Any reason why two different passport screens are being presented for logon..
The original "Passport Login' and the newer "Net.Passport etc" login..
As far as I can tell, the .netpassport only pops up periodically...haven't a clue if anything is calling methods haven't changed....
The .netpassport appears to reject the correct username/password combo most of the time..other times logon is fine..if it does fail, logon is rectified by closing the browser or deleting the passport cookie.....the subsequent passport sign in always brings up the original..

p.s. The same passport account is always in other passport accounts use or have access to this machine..


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