Problems with msn messenger, windows messenger and msn explorer

Problems with msn messenger, windows messenger and msn explorer

Post by Shango Lokoho Tumb » Thu, 19 Jun 2003 08:17:43

Since last saturday (14th June)all these tools and
services have not connected for me.The message is "this
service is temporarily unavailable".Whats happened? I
need help.
Tumba from Paris in France.

1. msn messenger and msn explorer problem

i use msn explorer 7.02, and, recently, the built in msn
messenger will not automatically sign me in, and the
hotmail will not display if i have any new mail. in order
for me to receive mail with msn explorer, i have to sign
out and close explorer all together, sign in to messenger,
then sign into explorer. i swear this problem started the
day msn realased msn8(or around there). i just want my
trusty old msn explorer 7 to work right again(yeah, i
uninstalled messenger, let explorer "fix" it, uninstalled
and reinstalled msn explorer...many times over.) im at the
end of my rope! someone please help!

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