Okay, what gives?

Okay, what gives?

Post by Jay Carma » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:23:51

I've been unable to access my account for nearly a week
now, and I'm 100% certain that it's been hacked. After
initial correspondence with Passport member services,
I've been forced to wait for upwards of 12 hours for a
reply, and each time they just hammer me with questions
when I've answered everything they could possibly need to
know, multiple times in some cases. I can see how much
Microsoft's own security matters to them, as I was
confident that my password was not one that could be
guessed at all. I just want my account back... how many
more hoops do I have to jump through?

1. Dead NeXT Station Colour Monitor - Okay, I give up!

Several months ago I posted a message here asking for help in getting my  
dead colour monitor fixed.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort to came  
up with suggestions, unfortunately the required parts seem most definitely  
unavailable, hence I will this weekend be dropping the offending article -  
with much glee - from our first floor balcony, interested parties may mail  
me for Nexttime footage of the event :-d

BTW. I should mention that Swiss residents stand a better chance of a  
repair ( according to FR ), this of course is of great consolation to me  
<NOT> :-e

Danny Frey
                                    NeXT mail predisposed

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