Copyright of MSN messanger's SDK

Copyright of MSN messanger's SDK

Post by Kim, Seungta » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 20:39:52


Is the MSN's SDK full free for any products in any manners?

ex: for commercial developments

Where I can find the information in any web-page?

Thanks in advices.


1. MSN Messanger 3.6 won't start

Hi all,

I've been successfully runing MSN Messanger on Windows 2000 SP1 until
this morning. I had to install MSMQ Triggers (part of SDK package)
earlier today. I ended up uninstalling it and MSN Messanger won't start
anymore. Well, I uninstalled MSN Messanger, reapplied SP1 and
reinstalled MSN Messanger back. It installed fine and there were no
related messages in the event log but it simple won't run. After I
reboot, there is no msmsgs.exe in the Task Manager processes list. If I
try to start msmsgs.exe manually, nothing happens either.

I'm lost and desperatelly need help. I would appreciate any suggestions,
advise, or links to online resources (besides KB) at this point. Thanks.

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