DESPERATE:MSN 5.0 can't login after removal of certificates

DESPERATE:MSN 5.0 can't login after removal of certificates

Post by Chris Roc » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 22:35:10

Hi all,

I have MSN messenger 5.0 (reinstalled), Win98SE. After an AutouUpdate
regarding MDAC 2.1 security bla bla bla im not able to login to MSN passport
via Messenger. In the process i removed all certificates du to security
issues (incl. Verisign). Have removed MSN mess. and reinstalled it. cleaned
registry-keys ascociated with MSN mess. etc. WHAT MORE CAN I DO? Dont want
to reinstall win98 as some suggested...

any help welcome!
thanx in adv....


1. Can login but can't auto login - 5.0 on XP

I tried this suggestion below (going back to 4.7) as well
and it still didn't work for me. I still don't get the
option "sign in as ...." either on the main window or in
the menu option when I right click on the icon.

How can I fix this? I get tired of typing in my login id
and my password everytime.

messenger icon in the
Then click the start
detailed instructions and
reinstalled 4.7 it runs fine but

- Show quoted text -


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