Signing in to MSN 6

Signing in to MSN 6

Post by Lawrence T Darga » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:57:04

Ever since I have installed MSN Messenger V6, I have had problems signing in
on the first attempt, quite often it needs a second attempt. I use cable and
have no delay problems. Any ideas? I have 3 logins and quite often use the
MSN Explorer interface to switch conveniently from one to the other. This
also has the same first time login problem.

1. "sorry, we cannot sign you up" when attempting MSN 8 Sign-In

Hi, I'm having a problem when trying to connect (dial-in)
with MSN 8.

Windows 98 gold
Dell Pentium II 233, 96MB RAM
US Robotics 56K Modem

When running "MSN Sign In" which came with MSN 8 I get the
following error message:

"We're sorry, we cannot sign you up for MSN because there
is a problem with your computer or the MSN Service. Please
try again later..."

If I hit OK to this error and re-run sign in I get this

"If you are cancelling sign up ..."

Then I get the MSN Sign-In dialog with no account
information listed. If I choose "Sign Up Now" I get the
first error again. If I choose "Guest Sign In" I can enter
my account info and I can connect and use IE, e-mail, etc.
but the Sign-In dialog shows "Signing in..." the whole

A previous MS PSS person suggested uninstalling and
re-installing MSN 8 which I did and that made the Sign-In
work the first time but then fail with the same error
after that. Previous versions of MSN were on this machine
and they worked fine, no sign in problems.

Any Ideas?

Sorry about the long message,


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