All mail to my email account bounces...

All mail to my email account bounces...

Post by Carl » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 08:58:03

Is there any reason why all email to my MSN.COM email account bounces?

I can send mail from this acccount and all passport features work but
any mail sent there (from a number of different email providers) just
gets rejected with a message such as :- does not like recipient.

Giving up on

Apparently I'm an unknown user?? WTF?


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I want to retrieve it into Outlook Express 6 and I know I have read this information here many times before.  I had saved a number of helpful newsgroup postings, but...I had to replace my hard drive last weekend and start all over from scratch with a fresh Windows NT install.  I foolishly had not backed up my email and newsgroup accounts to .iaf files and have to set them up again manually.

The account in question is an http account, originally created as a sub-account off my husband's MSN primary account several years ago.  He uses the MSN explorer (different computer) and I couldn't find the server name in that although it must be buried there somewhere.

I use a different ISP but I still get some email I want through that account.  My single hotmail account was easy to set up in OE 6 as were the POP 3 accounts I have from my ISP.

Microsoft must really not want you to do this...the name is sure hard to find.  I have just spent 4 hours searching on Google and also the Microsoft site looking for this information and all I can seem to find are the server names for setting up a POP 3 MSN account, which doesn't apply here.  I probably just didn't hit the right combination of keywords to search for.  Incidentally, I got through to the Office 2000 registration/activation code people and got a new code almost instantly during the Superbowl.  You gotta time these things just right!  Just do it when the rest of the people in the country are watching TV!

If someone can tell me the name I promise to back it ALL up once I'm done with this process.

Thank you in advance,

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