printing of addresses

printing of addresses

Post by bruno voegel » Tue, 06 May 2003 10:53:14

how do I print the addresses listed in outlook express
6.0? clicking on address then print, printed only the
first name on the list.

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Wired. Tested here and it works. Also 40 contacts test. You shoud try
printing a more than one page Word document (or any other longer than one
page document). If that wouldn't work either, then the problem could be the
settings for the printer.

You can go to, log in, click "Contacts", and print from
there, but the page will be printed as it looks on the screen, without some
of the information about the contacts in the list. Using MSN 8 software, you
will have Print Preview option in the File menu when visiting the Contacts

What do you mean "no other area"? Is this meaning that you tried to print
multiple pages documents from other programs, and that they work correct?

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