MSN Messenger Version 5 and emails lost from in box

MSN Messenger Version 5 and emails lost from in box

Post by Lori MacDonal » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 01:48:53

I also posted this quetsion in the Outlook discussion
group.  Perhaps I will get response from here.

Yesterday I was prompted to load the latest version of MSN
Messenger...which I did. Once Outlook reloaded I lost ALL
emails from my in box from Set 29, 2000 to today.  All
other mail folders  (sent, drafts, etc.) seem to be
intact.  Can anyone help?  PLEASE!


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I no longer want to view my email via Windows Messenger.  
How do I remove it?  

Afer spending over an hour searching the online product
support site, I did find instructions about removing the
add-ins from the control panel with the "add/remove
programs" using the "add/remove windows components"
option but the add-ins were NOT listed under the windows
components even though the instructions said they would
be.  Is there another way to remove the add-ins that
actually works?


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