MSN Messenger 5.0 and Windows Messenger 4.7

MSN Messenger 5.0 and Windows Messenger 4.7

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Copied and pasted, from one of litterally hundreds of posts prior to yours

You can remove Windows Messenger 4.7, but if you do, you will be preventing
Assistance, Whiteboard, Application Sharing and any other applications that
utilize Messenger
from working (or loading without problems).

Instead, if you wish to just keep one Messenger installed, it's recommended
that you
uninstall MSN Messenger 5.  You can to do by clicking Start, Control Panel
and Add or Remove

If you really want to go ahead and remove Windows Messenger, just close down
Messenger (right
click the messenger icon in the notification area/system tray and click
close). Then click
the start button, then click Run and type in (copy-paste if you like):
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
Then click OK. Messenger will then be uninstalled.  For more detailed
instructions and
screenshots, go to,

Quote:> I have a clash with version of Messengers....
> Anyone else experience this???

> I have to ask....

> Why are there two conflicting versions?
> Why did the installer not remove the old version?
> How do I remove Windows Messenger 4.7 to stop this
> happening? (Only MSN Messenger is listed in Add/Remove
> Programs)

> Doh...........

> -------------------------------------------
> The story

> I recevied a notifcation of a new version of MSN
> Messenger from within MSN Messenger.  So I downloaded the
> update...

> I now have two conflicting version of MSN Messenger

> (Windows Messenger (msmsg.exe) in Program Files\Messenger
> and
> MSN Messenger (msnmsg.exe) in Program Files\MSN Messenger)

> Windows Messenger (4.7 loads with Outlook Express and
> logs in)
> They then clash if I log in with MSN Messenger as I am
> already logged in. (MSN Messenger forcibly logs me out
> [of Windows Messenger])
> (kinda defeats the object of using a nw version if the
> old one will always load by default and log in.....)


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