I'm having problems with MSN MESSENGER!

I'm having problems with MSN MESSENGER!

Post by Jonatha » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:22:08

   I recently downloaded MSN Messenger 6.0 and was amazed
at its new looks and functions as well as the improved
video chat capabilities.  I tried the video and audio
funtions with my friend and it worked fine (just a bit
laggy) and the next day I tried it with my dad and it
also worked fine.  We were both content that the screen
size was adjustable and everything was working fine.

   But the next time I tried and from since then, the
* functions worked fine but both of us (my dad and
I) couldn't hear each other.  (Previously, we used
Windows Messenger 4.7 and everything worked fine)  We've
been trying it for about almost a week, several times a
day but the results were the same.

   My dad and I both use WINDOWS XP, we both have
Internet Connection Firewall disabled, and I use a router
(Linksys 802.11b) and Norton Internet Security 2003.  My
dad uses DSL and I use a CABLE modem.

   I can understand that something might be wrong with
the software (it is a beta) and that some setting in my
computer might be wrong.  But the WERID THING is that it
worked perfectly fine a few days ago.  We didn't change
anything since then.

   Now the audio funtion doesn't with any contacts I try
to connect with.  What seems to be teh problem?

Thank you for your time.


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Can you help me with this issue please.

I receive frequently a message in my MSN messenger telling
me that there is an version upgrade available and asking if
i want to install it inmediatly. I select the Yes option,
then the systems downloads the install package but when the
instalation process starts i have an error message like
"error number 1403... Install your software again...".

I was trying to obtain information about this 1403 error in
the MSN web page but i can't find it. Can anyone of the
members of this group tell me wich kind of problem is that
and how can i solve it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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