Export user list

Export user list

Post by Administrato » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 06:40:02

Hi! I want to change my email address in my .NET account. If I do, I loose
everyone in my list.
How can I export my contact list?



Export user list

Post by Jonathan Kay [MVP » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 06:50:34

Greetings Teo,

To export your contact list, sign into Messenger using your current Passport, click the File
menu and then select Save Contact List. The default filename should be fine, and just save it
on your Desktop.  If you don't yet have a contact list, you can skip this. Go to the Desktop
and verify that the file was created.

If you do have contacts, you'll want to delete them off your main contact list (after you've
saved them), so that they can remove the "old" address off their lists completely.  Just
right-click each contact, and choose Delete.

Then, sign-in to your new Passport in Messenger.  Then, click the File menu, then select
Import Contacts from a Saved File, then locate the file you just saved on your desktop and
select it.  Your contacts will be readded, and they'll all need to add the new name to their
Jonathan Kay
Windows MVP, Messenger
Associate Expert
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Quote:> Hi! I want to change my email address in my .NET account. If I do, I loose
> everyone in my list.
> How can I export my contact list?

> Teo


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I am using AEgis Shell 3.0.8 16 bit for PGP
(international version). The software is fine, in fact
I was so impressed by a demo that I took the time to
register my copy once I had downloaded it, but I am a
bit concerned about support. Allow me to elaborate.

I would first of all like to stress that the software
is about the best I have tried so far. It is easy to
use, has a short learning curve, does everything I ask
it to do, is ideal for my main need that is to keep my
files secure from prying eyes, and has a very
reasonably price tag on it. However, I am having
difficulty in getting my e-mail messages to the
individual and my "subscribe" message to the users
mailing list mentioned in the documentation which was
bundled with the download. All my e-mail messages to
the addresses mentioned have been returned undelivered
with the message "Unknown Recipient" included. I have
attempted, twice, to take this up with whoever is
performing the role of postmaster. No reply whatsoever.
I would rather raise any problems or suggestions for
improvement in the users mailing list first before
resorting to the support e-mail address given. No point
in troubling the development team when I don't have to.
They are, after all, busy people with a business to
run. As I have said to date no satisfaction.

I would be interested in suggestions from those of you
who have either had the same problem and managed to
solve it, or indeed, anyone who can suggest a solution.



David Graham

Using OUI 1.8 Beta from <http://www.peaktopeak.com>

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- - The above e-mail address is duff.
- - Should you feel the need to e-mail me....take out the three qqq's.


Version: 2.63uin



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