msn 6.0

msn 6.0

Post by jeff » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:01:12

ismthere any way in msn 6.0 ro view chat logs.

msn 6.0

Post by Jonathan Kay [MVP » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:11:17

Greetings Jeff,

Yes, just right-click a contact on your contact list and choose "Open Message History".

However, this option will only be available if there's actual logs to view.  To turn on
logging, open up a Messenger window, click the Tools menu, then Options, click the Messages
tab, check 'Automatically keep a history of my conversations' and click OK.
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> ismthere any way in msn 6.0 ro view chat logs.


1. Battle Royale! MSN 6.0 vs. AOL 6.0

The reviews are in for AOL 6.0, and MSN 6.0 (MSN Explorer 1.0)!

*** Note: I've noticed already some inaccuracies in C|Net's review of MSN
Explorer. =(  I will write to the reviewer and inform her of the errors.

    AOL 6.0:

RATING: 7 out of 10

Short Review: "Frankly, we expected more from the world's largest ISP.
America Online's (AOL) new interface software builds on the past (clings
tenaciously to it, in fact), adds one smart new feature, and then tries to

page-building service that lets you create a personal community site on the
Web for sharing information and photos with family and friends, AOL 6.0's
additions and enhancements are small potatoes. Existing users should

impress longtime subscribers or make it any easier for newbies spooked by
the Internet."


    MSN 6.0:

RATING: 8 out of 10

Short Review: "MSN Explorer--a browser, an ISP, an email client, and an
instant messenger all rolled into one--is Microsoft's opening salvo in a war
against AOL. It's cartoonish, slick, easy to use, and full of tricks and
cute gimmicks, and it has one major advantage over AOL: the download is
totally free. While AOL forces you to sign up for its ISP to use AOL
software, MSN offers you a choice. You can either use MSN with your current
Internet access provider or sign up for MSN's fee-based dial-up, broadband,
or satellite access. (NorthPoint is MSN's DSL provider, and StarBand
Communications provides the satellite connection.) If you're a Web newbie or
you're frustrated with AOL, try MSN Explorer. It's flexible, fun, and easier
to use than AOL. But if you use the Web and email for more than shopping and
forwarding jokes, keep moving. MSN Explorer lacks essentials such as POP
mail integration that expert users will crave."

FOR MORE: (Email C|Net:

***MSN Explorer has a refresh button...and has POP mail integration,
correct?  A user just needs to select the feature in their Hotmail account.


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