vanished 8 GB, please help

vanished 8 GB, please help

Post by Davi » Sat, 14 Jul 2001 08:37:06

Two years I used my 10 GB hard disk without problems. OS is WIN ME.
Processor is Pentium IV 500.

I started to use the new version of MS Explorer, and changed my server from
AOL to  DSL.

Much to my surprise I got messages that my HD is full. Checking C in 'My
Computer' I see that my HD has Capacity of 1,99 GB.

Can anybody tell me where 8 GB of space vanished to?.....

Thanks for any help!


1. Please help: NS 3.2 won't initialize added 2.1 GB HD.

I've added a Fujitsu SCSI 2.1 GB internal HD (M2915SA) to my 2 year old
system (486DX2, Adaptec 1542C, Fujitsu SCSI 500 MB, Toshiba 3401 CD, NS 3.2)
and it won't initialize it.  The console error report is "boot block extends
beyond front porch".

The boot monitor messages and the correctly report the
new HDs size.  I tried manual formating ("disk -F") and enabling/disabling
the "... > 1 GB " and "BIOS .... more than 2 Drives .." on the Adaptec
to no avail.

I believe recently someone had a different problem with very similar
hardware, including a HD > 2 GB, and got it working.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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