Anyone have Outlook View Control that works with MSN Messenger 5 or 6 ?

Anyone have Outlook View Control that works with MSN Messenger 5 or 6 ?

Post by Knott M » Sat, 21 Jun 2003 22:48:55

I have an outlook view control Web Part that would show my IM contacts and
their status that I could build into any web page, however it only works for
Windows Messenger and not MSN Messenger.  does anyone have such a thing or
know where to look ?

1. Attn: Jonathan Kay - outlook view control and MSN messenger 5.0

Hi, I have a nice little web part in my Outlook digital dashboard to view my
windows messenger contacts staus, however it no longer works with MSN
Messenger 5.0.  do you know if there is a new codebase for 5.0 ??

  name=MSIMContactList_WPQ_ VIEWASTEXT>
  <PARAM NAME="DefaultProvider" VALUE=0>
  <PARAM NAME="ContactList" VALUE=1>
  <PARAM NAME="HotTracking" VALUE=true>
  <PARAM NAME="AllowCollapse" VALUE=TRUE>
  <PARAM NAME="ShowSelectAlways" VALUE=TRUE>
  <param name="OnlineCollapsed" value="FALSE">
  <param name="OfflineCollapsed" value="TRUE">
  <param name="ShowLogonButton" value="TRUE">
       <param name="ShowLogonButton" VALUE="true">


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