No video in msn 6

No video in msn 6

Post by S McDonal » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 03:02:39

Hi can anyone help

When i try and have a * conversation with a friend, I
can see her but she can't see me, all that appears is a
square box with black and white lines in it. I am usinf
w2k sp4 with a logitech quick cam pro 4000. I have re-
installed my os,software,messenger (various versions but
wonk work). I can open up the software that comes with the
cam and i can see myself fine. My firewall is za pro, this
has been disabled in an event to get the cam working

Can anyone help me Pleeese



1. 4 video input 1 video output showing all video ins

What parts would be required to put together
a box that combined 4 video in signals and created
1 video out signal that displayed all 4 input signals
at once in 4 areas of the video screen?


Does anyone know where to buy this beast? We
need just circuit board no case it it must
just do 4 in and 1 out, on configuration
switches, etc.... on circuit. Real plain Jane


Who can develop this for us, if you can what is your
back ground, and how would you approach the design?

RS Enterprises
(613) 860-7425 voice
(613) 228-9773 fax
See us at

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