Access Validation Rule and Field Names

Access Validation Rule and Field Names

Post by Angela Shakespear » Sat, 12 Jan 2002 05:19:30

I am trying to place a validation rule in a field that, if
it is correct, should implement a field that is in the
table.  For example, Unit Cost is a field in the table.
The validation I am trying to place is in
field "Materials" rule: if [Item Code]=x, [Unit Cost]
Meaning, place the unit cost in the materials field if the
item code it x.  However, Invalid SQL syntax cannot use
multiple columns in a column level check constraint
message pops up.

It says that I cannot use a field within a field?  So how
do I separate cost into two categories on the same receipt?

Additional, the field names were pre-established and they
have spaces in them, will this cause an error?  


1. Evaluating a field containing a field name

Here's the ugly simplified example (i've removed all the joins, extra when
conditions and other fields that behave similarly).
I have a field PROFLD which contains the name of the field that has the
value I need (ie. PROFLD is char $6. and PFT_* are all numeric 10.2).
Can this example be replaced by some non-hard-coded one-liner like
PROFIT = ???(????(PROFLD),'10.2') ? I couldn't find the combination of
functions that would do the job.

proc SQL;
  create table x as
  select, PRODUCT,
        when (PROFLD = 'PFT_A') then PFT_A
        when (PROFLD = 'PFT_B') then PFT_B
        when (PROFLD = 'PFT_C') then PFT_C
        when (PROFLD = 'PFT_D') then PFT_D
        else 0
  end as PROFIT
  from x;

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