Messenger, Proxy Server 2 and ISA Server

Messenger, Proxy Server 2 and ISA Server

Post by <weryou.. » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 02:40:19

Does anyone at all know how to get video streaming to
work behind Proxy server 2 or ISA server - I've tried
pretty much everything - I've spent a few weeks at this
now - done a huge amount of home work researching news
groups and tried most of the suggestions - Microsoft
should develop some sort of quick patch install for this -
 I'm sure I'm not the only personal to have wasted loads
of time with this.

Please drop me an email or post reply


Messenger, Proxy Server 2 and ISA Server

Post by fartma » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 02:47:07

i've got the perfect solution


Messenger, Proxy Server 2 and ISA Server

Post by <weryou.. » Thu, 27 Mar 2003 06:37:35

so what is it?
Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>i've got the perfect solution


1. Question: Behind Proxy Server - Must Map link - Need chat Server Name

Good evening,

This is the firt time I've posted to this group so please let me know
if my question is outside the scope of the groups charter.

I am trying to map a link though my proxy server so that I can use the
MSN chat rooms via IE6 (not MSN messenger).  I have contacted MS
Support and they gave me the following info;

I must open port 6667 and it has to be a BiDirectional UDP.

This is only half of the info my proxy program requires to map this
link...It requires the server name.   MS support does not seem to
wanna give me this simple info and I cannot find it in the FAQ or
their online Help.

I am open to constructive suggestions or if someone has the answer it
would be much appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!
(Have much fun but B safe!)

PS if this is not the correct group, if possible please refer me to
the correct group.

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