another suggestion

another suggestion

Post by Shoaib Al » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 15:44:26

there should be a multi langual messenger in 6 in which u
could change ur language....not pre combining the
languages with the messenger but the language be
installed when u select that language....this would be
helpful cause my brother uses russian language..and i use
english...its far mor better than switching to a new

1. Scanning smaller pics - any suggestions?

My friends,

As I have mentioned in other posts, I'm stuck with a ScanJet 7400c. I'm using
the lastest version on Vuescan, which at least makes the machine usable.
(Thanks again Ed!! - Bravo Zulu!!!)

I am working on scanning a bunch of old family photos, both b/w & sepia, then
cleaning them up with Paint Sho Pro 7 and re-printing them. Many of these
photos, because they are from the 1910 - 1930 era, are quite small (3" X 2").

I would like to be able to get decent looking results that are about 800 X 600

Has anyone found a solution for graininess when boosting the DPI. I usually
scan at 300 or 400 dpi with medium grain reduction. I also find I get better
results setting the media to 'magazine'. (Less moire pattern.)

Am I just asking my scanner to do too much? Or for results that are

I have tried all kinds of settings combinations: boosting the DPI, reducing
the DPI, change the filter settings, changing the Media settings, etc., etc.,
etc.. And nothing seem to give me the crisp, clear results I want.

Thanks for any help/suggestions,

My best,


"You mess with the best - you die with the rest." USMC Iraq 2003

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