error 1603

error 1603

Post by Shan » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 18:45:18

hey there

 i haf been facing this problem when installing msn
messenger 5 and 6 for quite sometime. everytime i run
setup, a message will always appear stating that setup has
encountered a fatal error '1603' and asks me to download
from the msn website. however i downloaded the software
from this msn website. i currentlyy do not have msn on my

 anyone who knows the solution plz mail me. thank you very


1. Error 1603 when installing MS Messenger


I have a machine running Windows ME, which I had to restore to an
earlier setup.

After this my messenger has disapeared.

I have then tried to download the newest messenger (both running from
the site, and saving to disc).
Both install attempts resolve in an error:  1603

I cannot uninstall any previous versions since I do not have any in my
add/remove programs.

What can I do to solve this ?


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