MSN Messenger 5.0: Games Tab Doesn't Work

MSN Messenger 5.0: Games Tab Doesn't Work

Post by Nathan Sokalsk » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 10:26:33

Ever since I switched from MSN Messenger 4.6 to MSN Messenger 5.0 (which was
pretty much right after it came out), the Games Tab on MSN Messenger 5.0 has
given an error whenever I click on it. The error appears as follows:

ADODB.Command error

Application uses a value of the
wrong type for the current

/inc/script/, line 66

I am assuming that everyone who tries to click the tab is recieving this
error. So does anyone know when it will be fixed? If so, I would like to
know. Thank You.
Nathan Sokalski


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My friend updated  his MSN Messenger to 5.0 and now when
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Voice so he can't find me to connect to.

He has Win 2000. I am running XP and my solution is to
use Windows Messenger, which for me works fine with Game
Voice. But if I use MSN Messenger, I have the same

I can't find Window Messenger download except for XP, so
he is trying to find an old MSN Messenger to see if that
will work.

I just noticed that GameVoice can use IP address to
connect, we can try that, but it would be great if MSN
Messenger just worked with Game Voice, as it indicates on


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