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I have a favor to ask of everyone who reads this post. Recently Metallica
presented a list of every Napster user that had any metallica songs
downloaded to the director of Napster and then Metallica insisted that every
user on that list should be banned from using Napster ever again. Metallica
was mad because Napster allowed people to trade their songs without making
any payment to Metallica. There is literally unlimited numbers of songs from
n an umlimited number of artists that are available free on Napster but only
two artists have objected to their music being available (Metallica and Dr.
Dre). Now all users that had any songs by Metallica are banned from signing
on to Napster. Metallica became greedy because they were not recieving any
money from Napster, and now 317,377 users are banned from Napster. I am
asking everyone that reads this to please not purchase any metallica cd's or
upcoming concert tickets in support of all the Napster users. I believe that
all music artists should be in the music career because they love music and
they love making music, not because they want money. It's simple. The
artists should be glad that there is such a good way to promote their music
and not be whinning that they are not getting paid for it. Limp Bizkit has
shown their support to Napster and to their fans by giving a free tour this
summer which will hit around 15 cities over the summer. Napster is paying
the bill for the concert and any fan that wishes to attend simply has to go
to the venue the night of the concert. It's totally free. I think that this
is the attitude that all artists should have. I am not saying that all
artists should be giving free concerts or anything but I think that they
should all recognize that Napster has provided a great way for them to give
their music to all of their fans. Please support me and hundreds of
thousands of other Napster users by boycotting Metallica and if you share
any of my views please tell Metallica how you feel by visiting and sending them an email. Thank you all so much


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Quote:> I have a favor to ask of everyone who reads this post.



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1. The Metallica - OS/2 - M$ link!!

Look what I noticed in the lyrics of a Metallica song called 'The Stuggle
Within' (Metallica Metallica album (It's black :> ))

I've underlined things that seem just like OS/2 :>>

Reaching out for something you've got to feel
While cluting to what you had thought was real
_Kicking at a dead horse pleases you_ (Win NT is a dead horse :> )
_No way of showing your gratitude_ (The buyers don't care)
_So many things you don't want to do_ (Don't want to run Win32 apps :> )
_What is it? What have you got to lose?_ (IBM has nothing to loose and everthing to gain)
What the hell
_What is it that you think you are gonna find?_ (Users :> )
_Hypocrite_ <grin>
_Boredom sets into the boring mind_ (M$ is not creative enough to remove the bordem, IBM are)

_Struggle within_ (IBM is not really 100% behind it)
_It suits you fine_ (Still working fine after all the back pressure inside IBM)
_Struggle within_ (Ditto)
_Your ruin_ (Oh dear)
_Struggle within_ (Ditto)
_You seal your own coffin_ (Could IBM _NOT_ been behind seal it's own coffin?)
_Struggle within_ (Ditto)
_The struggling within_ (Ditto)

_Home is not home it becomes a hell_ (More back pressure from IBM)
_Turning it into your prison cell_ (Never really leave a IBM drawing board?)
_Advantages are taken, not handed out_ (IBM must leap at holes that NT
leaves in the market)
_While you struggle inside your hell_ (Guess?! :> )
Reaching out
Grabbing for something you've got to feel
_Closing in_ (Bird of PREY! :> )
_The pressure opon you in so unreal_ (If Ver 4 doesn't 'kick butt' then
you die)

Basically the song repeats after this.

Lyrics by - James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich

Well, I thought it was interesting anyways..

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