Two sign ins required

Two sign ins required

Post by Mark Hutchinso » Sat, 16 Nov 2002 09:57:03

I have recently upgraded to MSN 5.0 on Windows 98 (on a laptop).  I had no
problems signing in with my previous version of messenger using many
different connection types (ADSL, modem, LAN, firewall and no firewall).  I
am now experiencing an annoying bug with the sign in process.  If I ask
messenger to remember my password I am never able to sign in.  However if I
sign in with out the "remember my password" box ticked twice in a row, after
the second attempt I am able to sign in.  I have checked my date and time,
checked the case of my password, changed my password, changed my firewall
settings (so I had no firewall at all) and none of these changed the

Any help would be great



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I'm developing a Costing program and would appreciate some advice on
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It currently consists of:
1.  a workbook with just lookup tables of prices
2.  a workbook for EACH costing
3.  a series of VB forms and associated code to aid the costing.
Currently the forms are located in each costing workbook.

What I would like to know.
1.  Can I move the VB forms from the costing workbook(s) to the Lookup
table workbook?
2.  Would creating an Add-in be a better solution?

Note:  There will be a number of people using the Lookup table
workbook at one time.

Thanks in advance

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