MSN 6 Slow File Transfer

MSN 6 Slow File Transfer

Post by Bhavin Mistr » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:46:28

I was using Windows Messenger 4.7 before. I'm behind an ISA Server, with the
setting (msmsgs) on the ISA server which allows messenger file transfers
from internal machines.

I would usually get around 80Kb/sec sending file to others, didn't matter if
the other people were behind routers or not.

With MSN Messenger 6, I only can get like 1-2KB/sec. I even tried to
duplicate the ISA server setting that i had for Windows Messegner for MSN
Messenger (msnmsgr).

Any clues?



1. HELP! Kermit file transfer has slowed!

I'm running ckermit for OS/2 5A(191) on my PC under OS/2 WARP; my
internet provider has HP9000's and is running ckermit 5A(190).  I
connect to my provider via com2 and a Practical Peripherals PM144MTII.

For some reason that I have not been able to determine, my kermit file
transfer rate has dropped from near 1600 cps to 1300 cps. I've noticed
that I am frequently using sliding windows; when my kermit file
transfer was working well, I rarely used more than one window.

When using sz and rz (the p programs on OS/2) the file transfer rate
still remains near 1600 cps. I've tried just about everything I can
think of, packet size, control prefixes, window size, buffer size, but
I can't resolve the problem.  The only changes I've made recently were
to upgrade to WARP and to ckermit OS/2 5A(191) (from 190).

If anyone has any insight into this problem, I'd be very grateful.


Joe Huber


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