Invalid Page Fault- msn-kernel32

Invalid Page Fault- msn-kernel32

Post by DAVID SPRAGU » Wed, 10 May 2000 04:00:00

I'm using msn 5.0 and windows 98.  I've been getting 3 different invalid
page faults.  the last one was this kernel 32.  I remember on another pc
with windows 95 there was a patch.  Does anyone know a remedy?



1. Invalid page fault in kernel32.dll with HP4p scanner

I am running Win95 OS. Recently bought an HP4P scanner, installed it,
and it worked fine. While browsing on the Net, I found an update to the
application software at   Downloaded it, installed it, and
then received a 'invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll at
014f:bff9a07c' for each of the HP applications. (tks for the meaningful
error message Bill !)  I have searched the knowledge bases at Microsoft
and HP,  I reinstalled the original HP s/w, reinstalled Win95, no luck.
Hardware setup is ok though, since I can access/test the scanner from
the Control Panel. Anybody have any suggestions ?  Tks in advance

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