Rampage and copydot scanning

Rampage and copydot scanning

Post by Ken Coope » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

We've been having some trouble getting Rampage to work with copydot DCS
files like Eskefot and Renaissance. We've been told it's not really
supported yet. Is anyone doing this successfully or experiencing similar

--Ken Cooper


1. Rampage and Eskofot copydot

I have a customer with Rampage, and I have done a letter sized copy dot
scan for him. They tell me it gets an error, no specific error, just
that it gets an error. I asked the customer to talk to Rampage tech
support and apparently (in his words anyway), they "didn't know what he
was talking about."

Anyway, I need to help this guy... can some Rampage users out there tell
me if there is anything special I need to tell him, or anything special
(like pixel limits, PS Level) that I need to be aware of when creating
copydot scans for Rampage users?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


William Campbell
Revere Graphics Portland Oregon USA
voice (503) 239-6098


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