Wanted: TARGA+ Cards (16/32 or 64)

Wanted: TARGA+ Cards (16/32 or 64)

Post by Domin » Tue, 25 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I would like to buy a TARGA+ 16/32 or 64.  If you have a TARGA+ CARD and
would like get it to someone that will put it to good use.  Please send

Crazy Domino
Video Gu Ru


1. 66/64 PCI still 64 if 1 66/32 and 1 66/64 on bus?

I have a PCI bus timing question.

I understand that it is a "Bad Idea" to put any
PCI card limited to 33Mhz in the 64 bit slots on the Athlon MPX chipset
(or any other 64 bit 66 mhz PCI bus) because it slowers not only the
other slot to 33 Mhz but also the internal speed between elements of the

This has me worried, because I want to use two 66Mhz PCI
boards.  One is 66Mhz 32 bit (a Promise ATA RAID controller
for a few cheap big disks) and the other is a 66Mhz 64 bit RAID
controller (Adaptec 3210s series for a some not very big but
really fast striped scsi disks).

Does anybody know if the 64 bit 66 Mhz fast raid card will get
bogged down to 32 bit 66Mhz becuase of the presence of the
66mhz 32 bit card in the other slot?

Any thoughts would help not only me but I think some others
wrestling with the same puzzle.


Harry Coin

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