Corrupt Stuffit archive

Corrupt Stuffit archive

Post by bgr.. » Sun, 14 Jan 2001 00:59:42

I've got a job that was archived as a Stuffit archive .sit file. When I try t
unstuff I get this error.

"This archive has been corupted. You may be able to unstuff some of the items
but will no longer be able to change this archive."

But nothing unstuffs except for an empty folder.

What can I do to open this file. It is still 200MB so I believe that all the
information is still there, I just don't know how to get it. Any ideas?

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1. : recovering mac stuffit archive with NDD 3.1 ?


 I try to recover a stuffit archive accidentaly erased. Norton unerase
 give me a .data and .rsrc apparently belonging to the erased file.

 I have tried to put them together with resedit but the resulting file
 still bugged for StuffitExpander.

 Does someone have an idea to make the things working ? Is there a way to
 recover stuffit data without the resources ?

 Thanks for any suggestions,


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