Scitex ext DCS -> composite

Scitex ext DCS -> composite

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some time ago, there was some discussion here about how to print
DCS-files to a color-printer.  To achieve this, you had to make a
composite file out of the DCS-files.  Somebody mentioned a free Quark
extension from Scitex which achieved this.

Would sombody be so kind to email me this extension binhexed?


Peter Nobels
Support Roularta Media Group


1. How is Composite DCS different from Composite EPS?

What is the real difference?

In the case of DCS as we knew it a few years ago I understood.

There were color separated plates and a master file.

Then came CMYK Tiff and the ability of desktop applications to print
separations from composite images.

What is unique about Composite DCS that allows a spot color?

Couldn't the same be done with an EPS file?

Isn't Composite DCS really Composite EPS?


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