Corporate Business Cards

Corporate Business Cards

Post by Olive » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Internet application - P/3 - that automates the ordering and production
management of CORPORATE business cards, a notoriously difficult and
unprofitable product for commercial printers.

The system produces substantial cost savings and opens opportunities
for pursuing new accounts by using business cards as lead-in product.

The application is Internet/Web based and enables on-line

 - card template(s) layout
 - enforcement of corporate identiy rules
 - enforcement of corporate business rules (e.g., approval routings)
 - order management
 - imposition management
 - production scheduling
 - order matching and billing

for CORPORATE business cards (e.g., Fortune 1000).

We license the product to commercial printers who make it available as
a service to corporate customers.  In addition to a small set-up fee,
pay for the system on a per transaction (i.e., confirmed order) basis.

Printers and their customers access the system through a standard
web browser without the need to know, or invest in, additional software,
hardware or information systems staff.  A dial-up connection to the
Internet is sufficient to use both the ordering and production parts of
the system.

P/3 system is in commercial use by several major corporations today.


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