Color Laser Copier Newsgroup?

Color Laser Copier Newsgroup?

Post by PAWO » Tue, 17 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Does anybody know if there is a newsgroup for Color laser copiers?


1. Cannon Color Laser Copiers...Anyone?

Is anyone using a Cannon Color Laser Copier with their Next machines?  We are
looking into getting one and I was looking for experiences, comments etc.
Also, I have yet to get ahold of anyone at Cannon that even knows what they
are, so any phone numbers would also be helpful.  I have used the following:
1-800-423-2366 & 1-516-488-6700.  All they seem to know about is bubble jet

Can the Next RIP for the Cannon or do you need one of the Fiery RIPs?

Thanks a lot,

John Zollinger

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