Comp.Graph.Studies SF Bay Area

Comp.Graph.Studies SF Bay Area

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At City College of San Francisco, the computer graphics classes are in the
Graphic Communications department. Many of them have generic titles so they
can change the applications according to what the industry standard is.

They teach Quark Xpress,Photoshop, FreeHand and Illustrator.

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1. 1/23/01 comp.hist seminar Denelcor HEP, Burton Smith (Cray, Inc) (SF Bay area)

Back from vacation.

This is a preliminary heads up for a seminar in about 3 weeks:
        23 Jan. 2001
in the early evening.  So if you are interested you can put it in your
calendar.  Yes it will be taped, but talk to the Museum about that
(see last line).

The Denelcor HEP

Burton Smith
Cray Inc.

The Denelcor HEP was a uniform shared memory multiprocessor that used
fine-grain multithreading to tolerate memory latency, synchronization
latency, and even functional unit latency. Six systems were delivered
to customers during the years 1981-1985.  This talk will describe the
evolution, innovations, and disasters that accompanied the development
of hardware and software for the HEP.

Burton Smith is Chief Scientist of Cray.  He received the BSEE from
the University of New Mexico in 1967 and the Sc.D. from MIT in 1972.
From 1985 to 1988 he was Fellow at the Supercomputing Research Center
of the Institute for Defense Analyses in Maryland.  Before that, he
was Vice President, Research and Development at Denelcor, Inc. and was
chief architect of the HEP computer system.  Dr. Smith is a Fellow of
both the ACM and the IEEE, and winner of the IEEE-ACM Eckert-Mauchly
award in 1991.  His main interest is general purpose parallel computer

I will post the more formal announcement after Jim Gosling gives his
history of Java talk next week.  I believe that the location of the seminar
will be Moffett Field like the Gosling seminar.

On this topic: before the development of what's now Unicos, an engineer
at Cray Research said, watch his man's architectures; we (meaning all
computer architects) will eventually have to adopt some of his ideas in time.
We are getting off easy right now in design because of device technology.
The topic says as much about the future as well as the past.
I was introduced to the topic of the HEP by a now deceased friend, Mike Muuss,
and I did have a chance to visit Denelcor just prior to folding.

Questions?  Wait about a week when the more formal announcement comes out.

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