EPS Resource Center

EPS Resource Center

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The password problem with the EPS Resource Center has been resolved we
are sorry for the headaches this might have caused.

1. Sony S-Link Resource Center

If you are interested in Sony S-Link, please visit a new page I have
created: http://www.brian-patti.com/s-link. Here I've tried to put together
all of the information I could find on S-Link, and have also provided a
discussion board so that people interested in S-Link can easily communicate
to each other.

Sony S-Link is a digital protocol that can be used to control Sony A/V
components, either by a computer or by other components. While S-Link is a
very promising protocol to use to make intelligent A/V systems, it is
poorly supported by Sony - hence the Resource Center.

Please note that I have no financial interest whatsoever in Sony or S-Link.
I am providing this page just to help S-Link enthusiasts pool their

Brian Conte

P.S. To email me, remove the DELETETHIS part of my email address.

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