Quark 3.3.2 Disappearing Images please help

Quark 3.3.2 Disappearing Images please help

Post by jmcnall » Wed, 28 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Dear comp.publish.prepress

We are having a problem on one of our workstations with Quark
inconsistently printing some images from a document but not others.
When a given document is sent to print, the file will begin to print
and the image progress bar will flash by very quickly. Normally the
image progress bar will move slowly but steadily as the images are
sent down. This only happens when we are printing off of the mac's
accelerated scsi bus and only off of this one station. Other stations
in our shop feature the same hardware but print fine. When we take
the same document and print it off of another station, it prints fine.
We have done a reformat and clean reinstall of everything on the
machine, replaced the fast scsi card and other related hardware, and yet
the problem persists. We are stumped, has anyone ever experienced
anything like this?
We are using Quark 3.3.2 with system 7.6.1 on a mac 9600 with dual
200mhz processors, 400+ mgs of ram, an adaptec 2940uw
fast/wide scsi card, and micronet removable datadocks.

please e-mail
Tom Socol
Digital Color Concepts


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