File Size

File Size

Post by Beth » Tue, 11 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Thank you for the replies on file size. I guess I didn't give enough enfo.
I'm using Corel 9 and my pages are tabloid size spreads. Any other help with
this would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm separating my file into
different page spreads in order to work with smaller files.

Thanks for anymore help you can offer.



1. FileSpec SIZE returns wrong file size


I just ran into a problem with the FileSpec size access returning an
incorrect size when the file in question is on a network file server.

When a FileSpec object is created with a file on the network
(i.e. //FileServer/Somefolder/SomeFile.Txt), the SIZE access always
returns zero regardless of the true file size. I see the same if the
network path is mapped to a drive.

I am using and NT 4.0 workstation connected to an NT 4.0 file server.

Try something like this:

// create filespec to a network file

oFS := FileSpec{"//FileServer/Somefolder/SomeFile.Txt"}

// open the file using the low level functions
ptrHandle := FOpen("//FileServer/Somefolder/SomeFile.Txt",FO_READ)
dwSize := FSeek(ptrHandle, 0, FS_END)

Now try the same thing with a file on a local drive

This drove me crazy for a whole afternoon.  Has anyone else seen this?


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