Site check please - my first commercial site !

Site check please - my first commercial site !

Post by Tom Peppe » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00

...and the URL is?

Tom Pepper - Director of Marketing
Sharp Communication, Inc.

I've just "finished" my first attempt at a commercial site and would
appreciate some feedback.
I know the site is a bit short on content, but that is all the client wants
at this stage.
Your impressions would be appreciated.


1. Site Check Please (my first one!)

Using FrontPage 98. Stuff like the scrolling marquee and animation only
work in IE. However, I would welcome feedback from users from all
browser types.

Go to:

Select from the list: PM Graphics.

Another site I am working on is Manifest Solutions. You are welcome to
look at that as well.

Thank you ahead of time.


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