Internal error, FrontPage 2000. Ideas please?

Internal error, FrontPage 2000. Ideas please?

Post by Brett Anderso » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:04:33

When I select "open web", or when I try to save a brand new page in a web, I
get the same error.

The dialogue box opens as usual, giving a list of webs. When I double click
on the web name, the dialogue box is supposed to move into that web, just
like Windows Explorer. Instead, I get an error message that says:

The current operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error has

If I select OK (the only available button on the message), I'm left with a
blank dialogue box, that has the correct web title for the web I just double
clicked on, but it lists no files or folders.  Clicking Open on that
dialogue box will open the web as normal and everything works perfectly from
then on, except.....

When trying to save a new page, I click on save, the dialogue box opens up
automatically for me to choose where to save the file, but the exact same
warning box appears automatically also.  If I click OK, I again get an empty
dialogue box, instead of a file/folder list. Clicking save on the dialogue
box brings back the warning box.  If I click OK on the warning, then Save on
the dialogue box, the cycle will repeat 3 or 4 times, then the page will be
saved in the root of that web which I'm in.

At that point, I can go and move the file into the folder I wanted it in,
but if I wanted it in a sub web, I have to cut and paste the file to get it
there, drag and drop doesn't work.

I'm running SalesCart2.6 plug in for FP2K, I have Win2KPro and Office2K
(full versions) on the machine and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling
FP2K with no avail.

While this problem is not causing lost sleep, because it can be worked
around, it is very very annoying.

Any help appreciated.



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