Ever seen this?? Publishing live to home computer troubles

Ever seen this?? Publishing live to home computer troubles

Post by James Magya » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

As a solution to the previous posted problem I had I tried to publish my
live site to my computer...However I got this error message when I did.

The destination file system ingores cases.  The following pairs of names
will conflict:
liquor/_overlay/adtowom.htm_nav_neon010_bnr.gif and

Can I delete one set of these????  I do not understand what the heck them

All I am trying to do is get rid of the wizard I used to create the site
with in the first place and have control over what pages have shared borders
and which one doesn't.  I did try and import the site, which I did not
encouter the errors as I did when publishing it to my home computer.
However as everyone here knows..THAT IMPORT BUTTON IS EVIL.  I knew I would
loose all the navigation of the pages and have to rebuild the site tree by
hand.  Which would not be a real problem if I didn't use a service that had
a popup script placed on all 150 of my pages that I have to delete...Oh well
looks like another long night for me.

James Magyar
The Joke Store
ICQ# 24851029


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