Frontpage providers - Houston, TX

Frontpage providers - Houston, TX

Post by Ron Ham » Fri, 25 Apr 1997 04:00:00

My customer wants to move his site to a server supporting Frontpage
extensions. I'm looking for recommendations from those of you who have
personal knowledge of the good, bad, & ugly. The lists that exist really
don't provide a lot of detail and you can't get a feel for how the provider
responds to problems, connect reliability, etc.. I'm particularly
interested in the Houston and/or Texas areas to maintain local access for

Thanks in advance for your responses,

Ron Hamm
VAR Associates


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I need to distribute a CD with misc.. soft ware to the remote users of my
company.  I set the CD up with an autorun file that brings up a html page.
From there the users click on the file that they want to install.  When the
do so a message pops up asking if the want to download or run.  From there
if you select run a screen comes up saying that there is no trust
provider....   How do I get around this?  Please let me know if you have any

Larry Logan
Autotype Americas

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