Test Case Insensitivity?

Test Case Insensitivity?

Post by LeRoy Michaelso » Tue, 18 Jan 2000 04:00:00


I am having a problem using FrontPage to generate HTML for a Unix
server.  Since Unix is case sensitive and Windows is not, FrontPage
generates HTML where a file is lowercase and the links to that file
might be uppercase or mixed case.  This works fine with an NT server
but not with a Unix server.  Is there a way in FrontPage 2000 to make
sure the files and references are all the same case?



1. Windows' case insensitivity and problems on Unix Servers

This is really a very old problem that FrontPage2000 has inherited from
FrontPage97 as well as FrontPage98! For some obscure reason(s) my FrontPage
system directories (i.e. _derived, _overlay, _vti_cnf ...etc., etc.) in
Windows are occasionally converted  to (or generated in) uppercase letters
(_DERIVED, _OVERLAY  etc) which makes FrontPage generate its corresponding
web links in uppercase too. However, since I always turn on the 'convert
filenames to lowercase'-option when uploading my webs (to avoid all the
other conventional Unix case problems)  these FrontPage links are not found
by the Unix servers and the webs are all completely corrupted after being
uploaded, the only way I've found to repair them is to manually rename all
the directories back to lowercase in Windows and then regenerate all the
internal web links. I have been looking for some option that tells FrontPage
too keep all directory names and web links to a single consistent case. But
the FrontPage help only gives me an eternal run-around, turning up
irrelevant topics that in turn, turns up other non-relevant topics. As far
as I have found, there is no system related help on either "uppercase" "
Lowercase " or even just plain "case" as far as FrontPage file and directory
names and are concerned. So after recently having wasted a couple of days on
manually renaming the countless FrontPage web-directories to lowercase for
the umpteenth time I hope there is somebody here who can give me a hint on
how to avoid this recurring problem.
Trond Ruud
Oddly enough all the FrontPage Directory names appeared in lowercase in
Windows Explorer(!?) It was only in my ftp-program I could see that they
really were uppercased in Windows, which of course made the problem all the
more hard to fix.

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