Hit Counter Problem Q181662 did not help.

Hit Counter Problem Q181662 did not help.

Post by Mike Klic » Fri, 30 Mar 2001 02:20:40

I have recently published a page to my Win2k Pro machine which has IIS
running on it.

I included the Hit Counter component. It never gets incremented past 1. I
have studied Q181662 and made changes. Did not work. I recalcuated the
links, several times. That did not work.

I ran perms.exe on new_page_1.htm.cnt and I have all permissions. (This is
the corrrect file.)

It does seem that the file is simply not touched, like permissions are not
correct, but I have verified it they are.

And now the graphic is not even showing up.

What should I try next?

Thanks for you help.

Mike Klick