FP 97 Preview in Browser

FP 97 Preview in Browser

Post by David and Sherry Clar » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00

On some PCs, each time I choose the Preview in Browser command, a new
browser opens. On other PCs, FrontPage will return to the one browser
window. Any ideas why?



1. How can I copy FP 97 webs from one server to another FP 97 server?

If you have a lot of bots in your site, it is probably easier to do it from
server to server through FrontPage. If you have no discussion groups or
bots, if would be easier through FTP. My experience applies to a 30MB site.
The computer you are using to move the site through FrontPage, make sure
the computer is on a high speed internet line (128kbs+).


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