Can't access Task List on some virtual hosts on IIS 4

Can't access Task List on some virtual hosts on IIS 4

Post by Rocky Rapso » Thu, 05 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I've got a strange problem with FP 98 Task Lists.  I have several sites and
some of them can use the Task List in 98 and some can't.

When I originally installed IIS, I created the root web on a local drive,
e:\webs\okinfoweb.   When I create child webs that aren't getting their own
domain, they're underneath this directory.  All of these seem to work OK.
Also, virtual servers whose directories are located under this structure
work, i.e., e:\webs\okinfoweb\domain, accessed through FP 98 as

When I create a web for a site that will be using their own domain, I create
the directory at the same level as the original root web, i.e.,
e:\webs\newdomain.  These sites cannot access the FP 98 Task List, no matter
how I connect, even as the NT administrator account.

I've looked at the permissions, since the only reference to this problem is
listed in the SERK as a problem on Unix systems.  I get the exact error
message mentioned, but it's on an NT server.  The solution to the Unix
problem is to check permissions in the _vti_pvt directory, which I have.  I
even gave the account I was using Full permissions on that directory, being
sure to change all files and subdirectories.

I've tried re-installing the extensions on that IP address, but no luck.  I
upgraded my server to IIS 4 about the same time as I installed the 98 ext's,
so I don't know if this is an IIS or FP Ext problem.

I'm really stumped on this one.  Any ideas?

Rocky Rapson
Technical Director