Picture doesn't always display in browser

Picture doesn't always display in browser

Post by Dave Bischof » Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know why an image would intermittently fail to display in the

I am having difficulty with a specific picture in my website, authored with
FP2000. It doesn't always display in IE5, instead it shows the little image
icon. In fact it fails most of the time. If I hit Refresh a few times it
will eventually load. I haven't seen the problem occur in Netcape4 but I
haven't tried enough times to be convinced that it doesn't. I have also
tried emptying my cache to try to eliminate any quirks at my end.

I have tried saving the image as a JPG or a GIF and the behavior seems to be
the same. The image file is uder 5K in size, and it is in the top left
corner, in a table cell, in the top frame of my page  at www.evisia.com

Dave Bischoff