Dealing with the Personal Web Server

Dealing with the Personal Web Server

Post by Jens Peter Karls » Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Yes, search the Registry for Runservice. There you find the line for
starting the Webserver. Create a shortcut with this commandline.

Regards Jens Peter Karlsen. Microsoft MVP - Frontpage.

On Sun, 20 Jul 1997 09:32:52 -0400, Joseph Thomas

>Are there any command line options or other methods of dealing with the
>Personal Web Server?

>I understand how to set it up in Properties to "Run the Web Server
>Automatically at Startup", but I would really rather not do this. Is
>there a way to have it run from a shortcut so that it will start running
>without my having to first select the "Startup" tab, and then click the
>start button?


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Tonight I upgraded my Windows NT 4.0 WS system, by applying the Windows NT
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with FrontPage 98.  Coincidentally, I also changed my machine's name (I did
have embedded spaces, which I've removed).

I suspect, but won't check it now, that this action now makes whatever
database FrontPage 98 uses, somewhat inaccurate.  How do I make the
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