Thank you

Thank you

Post by etcet » Mon, 27 Aug 2001 13:10:43

You're welcome!


1. ATTN Wayne: Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

Hi Wasted:
    I am most happy that I was able to help.  It is a trick that someone
on another user group posted and made sense to me too.  Have you been able
to implement it on the left side nav bars with page include?  If not, open
a blank page and create a single cell table.  Go to "Insert>Nav bar" and
place it in the table.  Right mouse the table and select "table
properties".  Set your  borders to "0" and save.  Then on the page that
you want your left side nav bars on create a table 2 cells wide.  Set the
table borders to "0" again.  Do a "page include" into the left side cell.
Cut and paste that pages information into the right side cell.  Resize the
left cell to be just the size of the nav bars.  On both pages you will
need to go to "Views>navigation" and drag the files over into the right
hand side to include them into the nav structure.  And BINGO - manageable
left side nav bars.  Again, I hope this helps.

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