FP98 Problem: Server error (87) when saving files > 5K

FP98 Problem: Server error (87) when saving files > 5K

Post by Alex Czart » Sat, 02 May 1998 04:00:00


I was wondering if anyone can help me solve this problem.

I am running Win95 OCR-2 with the microsoft web server (the one that came
with windows, not the one on the FP98 CD).

Everytime I try saving a file that is larger than 5 or 6k, I get the
following error:

HTTP/1.0 500 Server Error (87)

The only way around this is to copy the HTML code, open up the file in
notepad, and paste the code in.  A minor annoyance for simple pages, but a
larger one once you start doing it to pages with shared borders.

I ran the FP server administrator and made sure the FP extentions are
installed...  Anyone have this problem?


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Thanks in advance!

I downloaded and installed Microsoft FrontPage 98 Themes & Web Templates
Pack Add-In (fpdlenu.exe) and Microsoft FrontPage Netscape Integration
(fp98nsint.exe) from the Microsoft Office Update for FrontPage Downloads

Now while PWS is running, and after installing both programs, I find that
each time I try to change the theme of an existing web using FrontPage 98, I
get the following error:

"The server could not complete your request.  Contact your ISP or web server
administrator to make sure that the server has FrontPage Server Extensions
installed.  For more specific information, click details.

Here is what it says under details:

"FrontPage Explorer Error.  The Server connection has been aborted by the
server! Http/1.0 500 Server Error (87)

Now I checked my computer and it says it has FP Server Extension Version installed.  It also says Microsoft PWS- 95/2.0 is running.

Also, now If I try to create a new web using FP 98, I get this message:

" Bad Parameter (Hostname?) passed to Winsock DLL"

What does this mean and how can I fix this?

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