Frontpage 98 / PWS for FP98 question

Frontpage 98 / PWS for FP98 question

Post by Eric Meikl » Fri, 26 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

    How can I set up the personal web server for frontpage 98 so that it
automatically serves the index.htm _OR_ index.html file.  Right now, the
default is index.htm only.  I'd like the server to send one or the other
depending on the Frontpage Web I'm working on.

thanks in advance.


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I recently installed FP98 from my company's server onto my WinNT
Workstation.  With Frontpage came Frontpage Personal Web Sever.  FPWS did
not display ASP.

I tried to install PWS from the Windows NT option pack, but I can't manage
it from my account (my account is not an administrator account).  Everything
seems fine under the Administrator's account.

Please help.  Thank you...

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