Help - Hit counter

Help - Hit counter

Post by John Aidiniant » Tue, 21 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Counter doesn't increase from "1"?
Have your host check the permission on the _private folder, as it must be
write enabled.. also: Try deleting the .cnt file for that counter first,
remove the Hit Counter, re-insert it and set the number. also check that the
Counter execute file was uploaded.  see also:

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1. Urgent, please help-Hit Counter Problems


I created an invisible hit counter (1x1 pixel) on my site,  It had been
working fine in Internet Explorer, but not in Netscape.  I
referenced KB article Q229900, which stated you could also
create a hit counter image that matches the background
color.  I tried this option, hoping to correct the problem
in Netscape, but the image was then missing in both IE and
Netscape.  I deleted the new image and re-inserted the 1x1
hit counter (thinking it would at least work in IE).  Now
the hit counter image is missing in IE and Netscape.  I
can't understand why it is not working in IE, as it was
originally.  Can someone please advise on how to correct
this problem?  I need to fix it quickly, and I have no
idea what is causing it.  All help is greatly appreciated,
thank you in advance.


Ava LeMaire

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